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To its credit, Apple does offer the ability to download older versions of iTunes for Windows and Mac. Now just go through the steps to install the new I mean old version of iTunes, including giving iTunes permission to install on the User Account Control dialog box, and you should be good to go! Make sure you uncheck the Automatically update iTunes and other Apple software box during installation. A lot of you will get the error message shown below saying that Library.

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Now head to the local music folder on your computer. From there delete the Library. This method worked successfully for me on both Windows 8. But apple made a guide to recreating your library. Brian Burgess.

Download Old Version of iTunes for Mac and Windows

Hi Brian. You will find earlier versions of iTune at Filehippo. Hey all. Anyone have a fix for this? Worked fine on ny windows 64bit system. Reconstructing my library a bit challenging. Two problems.

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Ann, did you ever figure out how to get Running Repair in Windows install does not fix it. Reinstall Wow, thanks for this, it worked perfectly for me — I reverted back to Hope this is clear — it just avoids having to re-set up your library when you do this, which for me, with GB of music, is a complete nightmare!

Steve Krause. Hey thanks Mike on the details on the old. Running Win7 64bit Office on Samsung Laptop — and yep — all drivers etc up-to-date. Worked fine. This information is a godsend! Thank you!!! I have been dealing with iTunes v12 and no customer service support for days. I uninstalled and re-installed an older version, but got that message about the library and not being able to open iTunes. The 2nd part of your directions helped me. Thank you!

My iTunes library is there and the shows play on the v11 of iTunes. I also went in and unchecked for updates. Uninstall the Apple Software update service and disable the ApplePush to see if that cures the problem. I installed itunes 12 and immediately regretted it. First I followed the tip to uninstall itunes using control panel.

Where to Find & Download Old Mac OS Software

Then I looked in my Downloads folder and found the setup file for itunes You can google that message and find the fix. I caught it in the act on my old XP machine and managed to kill the process before all was lost. Now I am not able to access the ITunes store.

Keeps telling me that ITunes has stopped working and it will let me know when there is a solution. Is this related to the new old version. Also Keeps asking me for my password, and I have to enter it twice, cause it says I entered it wrong the first time. Any help with these two issues would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping you are able to help me please as it is driving me crazy, half way through the installation process of itunes version Please any clue as to what I can do.

BTW — this worked for me, but I did lose all of my playlists because iTunes Once done, you can install the older version and, as shown above delete the i-tunes library. Mike Austin. Downgraded today to Thanks for saving my light fluffy biscuits of sound and video from certain disaster My iPhone has been replaced and now has all the funtionality of a iPod Touch.

Where to Download Old Mac OS Software From

Thank you SO much for this help!!! What a nightmare! I think there were 4 things maybe 3. After that I was able to reinstall iTunes just fine. Thanks so much for the recommendation on the older version and how to stop it from ever updating again! Mercury browser is MUCH better. Search for iTunes Library.

Download iTunes Turn off the automatic updates in iTunes preferences to prevent Open Outlook and check the Add-ins in my case Outlook Change Notifyer reappeared and was already enabled but iTunes Outlook Add-In had reappeared but was not enabled so i enabled it. I also checked that iTunes Library. Hit Sync and watched in wonder as my Contacts, Calendar, Notes once more aligned.

Breathd a sigh of relief. I tried a dozen times, but nothing worked…until I uninstalled all of the other Apple products in Control Panel. Thank you for this post.

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It got me started. It did not totally do the trick, but the comments from Ziggy, Mike and Dusty helped a lot so finish connecting the dots and get it working. Thank you all!!! I was able to find the previous version I had and download it Yet the thing would not finish the new install. Looked in Task Manager and there were still Apple things running behind the scenes.

At this point I was really getting fried. Your system has not been modified. Run the installer again. Copied the old library I wanted to use and changed the name per Mike. Tried to install again and Yay! It worked! Got my library back. Also in the There was also an option to Uncheck when installing about updates and I unchecked that also.