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All of those bizarre symbols in the image at the top of this Mac post were just inserted into a Pages document in this manner. Going through the process of inserting a symbol is fine if you're only going to be typing it once, but what if you need to re-use a specific character many times in a document? You can either do a copy and paste for each occurrence, or you can type the character using a unique hexadecimal code that is assigned to each character.

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To determine what that code is for any character, just click on the character in the viewer, then "hover" your cursor above it until a yellow tooltip appears near it as in the screenshot above. Make a note of the Unicode code number for the character; for the pointing finger, it's C.

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To type the special characters, go back to the Input menu in the menu bar and select "Unicode Hex Input. In this case, you'd type OptionC to make the left pointing index finger magically appear in your document. This tip is not only fun, but extremely useful in those cases where you want to use a specific non-standard character or symbol to call attention to something in a document.

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How Do I Type Special Characters In Mac OS X?

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Compatibility Note: The Unicode mode is the standard mode since version 11 of 4D. In most cases, the initial functioning of applications is not affected by this setting, since 4D handles any necessary character conversions internally. However, certain language statements, more particularly those using commands that work with character strings, may require some adaptation.

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This manual describes the differences in functioning between the Unicode mode and the ASCII compatibility mode for each command concerned. This mode is specific to each database.

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It is therefore possible to have a Unicode database coexisting with non-Unicode components or vice versa. When you enter data using the keyboard adding records, editing procedures, etc.

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This is transparent to the end user, because when you create a search, you actually type in the Search editor the value for which you are looking. For example:.