Mac ibook g4 reset button

Thermal conditions, including fans and fan speeds. Instructions for resetting power-management chips Most of the AppleCare Knowledge Base documents linked in the table below directly address resetting the power-management chip for a specific Mac model. All models.

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Power Mac G5. Power Mac G4 Cube.

PowerBook G3 and G4. XServe G5.

Did you find this FAQ helpful? Not sure about IDE drives.

How to Get to Boot Options Menu on Power Mac G4 | It Still Works

Hold down until second chime. Similar to reset-all in Open Firmware. If set to boot to X and no CD is present, may boot to 9. Also disables non-essential kernel extensions safe boot mode cmd Classic only Boot with Virtual Memory off cmd-v OS X only show console messages verbose mose during boot.

Back to Contents. At login window Key Combination Effect shift Do not open Finder windows when launching Finder. In Finder opt-click close box or cmd-opt-w Close all open finder windows except popup windows cmd-shift-opt-w Close all open finder windows including popup windows cmd-right arrow Open folder in list view cmd-opt-right arrow Recursively open folder and nested folders in list view cmd-left arrow Close folder in list view cmd-opt-left arrow Recursively close folder and nested folders in list view cmd-up arrow Open parent folder.

On Mac OS X, when nothing is selected and no windows are open, open User directory cmd-opt-up arrow Open parent folder, closing current folder cmd-opt-shift-up arrow Make desktop the active window, select parent volume cmd-down arrow Open selected item.

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On Macs with three floppy drives Mac SE they eject the third floppy disk. If the device can be dismounted, it is. Hope this helps!!

how to remove password mac, powerbook G4, macbook, G5... (factory reset) without disk (EASY STEPS)

Oct 21, 1, Kiel, Germany. Making a new account and deleting the old one was what I did at first I'm actually typing this on it right now , but I would like to reset it anyway. I do appreciate the response though, in case I use a friends Mac or something. Again, thanks! Aug 31, 21, 13, ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two. A copy of Leopard is definitely a lifetime investment. Reactions: bobesch and CooperBox.

That sir is an understatement considering Reactions: eyoungren. Dec 21, 26 Netherlands. What are the advantages of Leopard Server over regular Leopard? I don't really intend to use this Mac as a server or anything but as a secondary computer. So far with Leopard it's running fine actually better than I expected.

If you download the Leopard installer image on your PowerBook itself, you probably won't need another Mac to make the startup USB disk! As Leopard also has Disk Utility, just make it from there. Show hidden low quality content.