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Running Record Assistant is the number one choice for calculating Running Record scores. The app combines all the standard running record calculator and stopwatch functions with the convenience of Price Drop V 4. Pi is infinite series irrational number.

From wikipedia: Piphilology is the practice of All of the templates have been well-designed so they can be easily manipulated, If you are concerned with sugar overconsumption and want to understand food labels better or wish to educate and alert others about sugar content then this app is the right tool for you.

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AppShopper Now Tracking New Mac App Store Apps and Sales

A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager — with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and Are you constantly changing the keyboard layout known as Input Source in System Preferences as you switch between applications? That can be really annoying and slowing you down. Keyboard Pilot can Latex Presentation strips down presentations to its bare Users can also view an Apple payment calendar with estimated payments with support for dozens of currencies.

The app also has the ability to view historical sale with constant currencies to eliminate fluctuations. Custom graphs can be created by developers, showing exactly the data they select.

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Information can be displayed for apps, devices, countries, trendlines, and more. Users can select any combination of categories, apps, countries, and devices. AppSalesTrends Graphs can include the following: Total Downloads - Display the volume of total downloads Paid Download - Display the volume of paid downloads Gift purchases - Display the volume of gift purchases Free Downloads - Display the volume of free downloads Promo Codes - Display the volume of promo codes Refunds - Display the volume of refunds AppSalesTrends "respects the privacy of their users.

No information about app sales is ever shared or transmitted outside of the app. The app includes no ads. I know my fellow developers will benefit from the information the app provides. Measure App Deletions to better understand how users react to changes in your app, such as content updates, price adjustments, or crashes.

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Compare App Deletions by sources or groups of users to see which types of users are more likely to uninstall your app. Create unique links for each marketing campaign to gain insight into which campaigns drive the most downloads and average spend per user. Now you can calculate how effective your product page is by tying the number of downloads to the number of product page views.

See how many paying users you have in a day to assess whether any changes you make impact spending within your app.

You can also filter by source to see if users are coming from a particular campaign or website. Find out how many times your app crashes each day on iOS or tvOS.

Mac App Deals & Mac App Store Discounts — Two Dollar Tuesday

You can filter crash data by platform, app version, and operating system version to pinpoint the cause, helping you create a better experience for users. You can filter groups of users based on their purchase date to form a more complete picture as you compare and analyze user behavior. Measure user engagement and monetization for your tvOS apps.

Top 10 Mac App Store Games of 2018

In addition to seeing data on product page views, downloads, and engagement, you can see how many iOS users that were acquired with your marketing campaigns opened the same app on Apple TV. Understand your app downloads, proceeds, subscriptions activity, and more for your apps on all Apple platforms.