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Ubuntu has them by default, but others might not:. If you followed the steps at the beginning of the article, Plank should be active on your desktop. To fix this, open up the Startup Applications menu in the settings manager. The Cinnamon desktop needs a bit more tweaking than other desktops. Then, change the Icons entry to use GnomeYosemiteIcons-master. For some final touches, you can change your wallpaper to something more Mac-like. You may have to show hidden folders to see it. Here are the best best Linux operating systems to consider. Read More without having to do all that work.

Dying to try something new? Here are the best Linux distros to install on a Mac. Read More is just waiting to be found. What do you like to change in your Linux desktops? Explore more about: Linux , macOS Sierra ,. Your email address will not be published. I am getting a black dark theme on nautilus.

On restarting the tweak tools, It changed to a light theme while nautilus still has a dark theme. I have used cairo- dock instead of plank.. Its highly customizable and works well. You can get it using apt-get install cairo-dock. Furthermore, you can use Plank as well to emulate a proper macOS dock on it. However, your window buttons might look a little out of place. LXDE uses Openbox as its window manager, which uses separate themes from the rest of the system. A quick search yielded no appropriate macOS theme for Openbox.

LXDE is just as malleable as other desktop environments, so moving the taskbar to the top shouldn't be a problem. Good luck! Just taken a look at Deepin, and it's certainly very Mac-like. I bet with a few icon theme changes, this would be even more pronounced! Looking at the preview from their website, I wasn't able to see a menu-bar at the top, but this could probably be easily rectified by adding a third-party panel like Vala Panel or Xfce Panel.

Change Top Panel Transparency Level in Ubuntu 18.04

Another great desktop environment that already looks like a Mac would be the Pantheon desktop, which comes by default in Elementary OS. If you want something even more Mac-like by default, this is my suggestion. It comes with a menu-bar by default as well!

How to get Ubuntu 18.04 (Linux) on Mac OS X / macOS (Dual Boot)

Well that's certainly an option! However, doing so would make things a little more complicated to launch applications - you'd have to unhide the Unity sidebar to open up the application launcher, even with Plank. Integration wise, I didn't think it would be worth it. Alternately, you could find the application that opens up the launcher and drag it onto Plank But your mileage may vary.

Basic Theming

I think it would really be better to use an alternative launcher instead of the native one in Unity, hide the sidebar and autostart Plank. I did basically the same thing when re-skinning Xubuntu the same way for my parents they are happy with the end result. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Join Date Jul Beans 3. October 11th, 7.

Make Unity Look Like macOS

Originally Posted by alokmenon. October 11th, 8. Distro Ubuntu 9. But just sharing that info.

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Also you can run AWN with Compiz turned off and still get the great effects by using Metacity with compositing turned on. Also saving running resources. October 11th, 9. It seems to have more ways to customize it, and windows can go underneath it when you maximize them has to be set to 'always on top'.

I don't like the way it looks when you maximize a window and it stops at the top of the dock bar. I haven't found a way to fix that with Docky. October 11th, Join Date Aug Location Olympia Beans 40 Distro Ubuntu For that reason, it includes common functions as well, which also lets it advertise keyboard equivalents to those functions. There are several ways a menu hierarchy could be presented, each with benefits and drawbacks. For Ubuntu, the best overall presentation is a single menu bar at the top of the screen. Determining the active window This algorithm is preliminary and subject to change.

Re: Mac OS Style Menu Bar

The test cases are authoritative. The active window is not necessarily the focused window.

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  • Mac OS Style Menu Bar.

Of these windows, the active window should be whichever of them most recently: Test case: Open two images in Gimp. Draw a box in Inkscape. Launch XChat-Gnome; its menus should appear in the menu bar. Launch IBus, if it is not running already.

Launch gnome-terminal; its menus should appear in the menu bar. The active window is decided by BAMF. Windows with recognized menus Where the active window has its own menus in a menu bar in a supported toolkit, these menus should be presented in the menu bar, and the window should not have a menu bar inside it.

If the window has more than one menu bar, the first one encountered should be used. If the application has an application menu , this menu should be presented in the menu bar, before any window menus. All menus should be presented a consistent distance from each other, regardless of how they were laid out inside the window. Windows without recognized menus When the active window does not have its own recognized menus, for visual stability and consistency, the menu bar should still offer a minimal set of menus. Examples include most current Preferences windows, and applications using unsupported toolkits such as Blender or Fontforge.

[ubuntu] Mac OS Style Menu Bar

Version 1 The minimal set should consist of these menus: File Close Edit Undo Redo Cut Copy Paste Delete Select All All these options should always be present, but should be sensitive only if the window uses a supported toolkit and only when they make sense. In particular: Choosing it should undo the most recent non-undone action. Choosing it should redo the oldest redoable action. Choosing it should cut that text to the clipboard.

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Choosing it should copy that text to the clipboard.