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Use Shift-Command-5 in macOS Mojave

Take your communication to the next level by signing up for a free CloudApp account today! It's useful for any industry where speed and clarity are essential, and records any area of your screen up to 3x faster. Available on:. Downloading is quick and easy. Downloading the CloudApp snipping tool is quick and easy.

To get started, you should first register for an account, download the app, then install it on your machine and start snipping. The Value of Screen Recording for Mac The days of lengthy email explanations are long gone - or they should be. Screen Recorder App for Mac When it comes to communication tools that make the biggest impact and save the most time - Mac screen recording is by far the most underused.

What Makes for Great Screen Recording Software?

CloudApp Integrations for Mac Video Screen Capture As an innovative support, customer success, or sales leader, we already know that you are killing it with productivity apps. Sales and marketing professionals are using CloudApp to drive and accelerate sales and revenue growth deals with customers.

Customer Support teams are using CloudApp to improve communication in their success platforms. Designers let CloudApp bring their images to life. CloudApp also allows designers to create jaw-dropping visuals for presentations. One of the most difficult aspects of being a web developer is attempting to communicate and track bugs and technical issues to others. If your a developer, you might also be thinking about PHP troubleshooting methods and how CloudApp can save you hours by explaining them visually, allowing you to instantly convey vital insights to others.

At the enterprise level, CloudApp shines even brighter allowing for full team management, custom branding, and analytics. One of the reasons why the most innovative companies are adopting CloudApp is due to its multiple layers of security. Empower your employees with lightning-fast processes, all while keeping your sensitive data secure.

Here is a breakdown of your options outside of CloudApp: Snagit is the woolly mammoth of screen recording. Slow download speeds, no cloud storage, and product updates are an absolute rarity. While CloudApp is for visionaries, Snagit is appropriate for your grandparents. Loom is only available as a Chrome plug-in. Want to use this program on another browser or anywhere else?

Too bad. Loom also fails to offer GIFs or screenshots, among a host of other things. Vidyard has been described as clunky and complicated at times.

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CloudApp knows that we have a wide range of clients and skill sets, which is why we have made everything incredible intuitive. When you interact with a complicated process, speed and efficiency pay the price. Droplr is dropping customers right into our lap. Without the option to annotate videos, record your screen or capture video from your webcam, making the switch to CloudApp is a no-brainer. For file storage, Dropbox is amazing They are a one trick pony, where CloudApp gives you access to the entire animal kingdom. CloudApp is innovating while Jing is circling the drain.

The best screen recorders for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Jing is like last weeks produce that is about to expire at the grocery store. There is absolutely no comparison here. Trusted by thousands of businesses and over 3 million people. If you need more advanced capabilities, you may wish to look at one of the premium tools. This browser-based tool does not support streaming, so if you're wanting to use Mac screen recording software to broadcast games or other information this tool may not be for you. But for other screen recording projects, this tool could work.

If you need more than the free version offers, there's also a premium version called Apowersoft Unlimited that includes all Apowersoft products. For a free screen capture tool, TinyTake comes with a lot of perks. It's easy to use and has some useful features.

It includes a free cloud storage service with 2GB of storage. You can annotate videos. And if you create a lot of screen recordings, bulk file sharing is available. If you need more features, there's also a premium version. There are a few drawbacks to this Mac screen capture software though. First, your screen recordings are limited to five minutes.

How to Record Your Desktop Screen

Secondly, you can't stream games using this tool important to know if that's the reason you're wanting screen capture software for a Mac. Like so many other Mac screen recording software tools, there's a premium version of the software available too. However, this basic tool may be enough for some projects. Plus, there are quite a few tutorials right on their website to make learning it easier. This free version is hosted on their site and has a watermark, which could be annoying. Also, free users can't use the computer audio system or record the full screen.

And, you're limited to a minute recording with the free version. Jing is a basic screen capture tool from TechSmith, a company which also developed Camtasia and Snagit see our discussion of Premium Screen Recording Software for Macs below. Although it's an older tool, Jing still has a following and it's still useful. TechSmith is known for having excellent training materials, and Jing is no exception. You'll find plenty of written and video tutorials on their site.

Plus, there's some nifty features like the Capture Hotkey and the ability to copy an image from your screen into an email or document.

16 Best Screen Recorder Software for Mac OS X (Free Download) | TalkHelper

This free Mac screen recording app has a four-star rating on the Mac App store. It was designed to allow you to make and share GIF screen recordings quickly through application's server. One drawback is that this tool doesn't record audio. Another drawback is that your recordings are limited to five minutes. If you can work within those constraints, this tool might be for you. Quick Time Player comes installed on your Mac—so you probably already have it. Although you'd think it can only play videos from its name, it does have some basic recording abilities and can be a good tool for that purpose.

It even has some limited editing capabilities, or you can use iMovie also free to edit it. ActivePresenter is a Mac screen recorder that bills itself as an all-in-one tool. The free edition lets you record your screen as a full-motion video, complete with audio. You'll also have access to a range of annotations such as shapes, zoom-n-pan, closed caption, and more. However, it'll add a watermark to non-supported file formats.